Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Biomedical Biology (BTCHBS)



First Advisor

Dr. Paul Davis


Schistosomiasis, a commonly neglected tropical disease, is a waterborne parasitic worm infection able to infect through direct skin penetration. This disease affects approximately 270 million people worldwide and ranks only second to malaria as a leading infectious disease. Although some possible alternatives are emerging, currently, the most effective drug treatment is praziquantel (PZQ). However, PZQ is only effective against the adult stage of the worm, allowing juvenile worms to progress in the infection. Additionally, Schistosoma worms are developing resistance to this drug as reduced efficacy has been noted. Thus, the need for drug discovery and testing is increased. SA01, a worm clearing derivative of aryl hydantoin Ro 13-3978 is being investigated to treat Schistosomiasis. Previous data points to the compound acting on the host’s immune system as opposed to directly on the worms, specifically pointing to neutrophil granulopoiesis. My work focuses on investigating the immunomodulatory effects of SA01 treatment on bone marrow myeloblast to neutrophil differentiation.

Available for download on Monday, November 17, 2025