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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Social Work

First Advisor

Nancy Kelley


Previous investigations have focused on the intersections of LGBTQ+ youth and religion, homelessness and religion, or homeless LGBTQ+ youth, without recognizing the multiple intersections that make up each LGBTQ+ youth’s identity. The purpose of this study was to gain more insight into how being homeless, identifying as LGBTQ+, and growing up with some religion played a role in transitional-aged (ages eighteen to twenty-five) youths’ lives. After working with Youth Emergency Services (YES) in Omaha, Nebraska, and conducting interviews with LGBTQ+ youth who were previously homeless, similar topics emerged among participants. Three participants were evicted from their homes because of their gender and sexual orientation. One participant aged out of the foster care system and became homeless. Participants saw religion negatively because of past experiences with religion and no longer considered themselves religious.

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Social Work Commons