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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)



First Advisor

Alan Gift


Pain, aches, fever, and discomfort are a part of the lives of many people. For most people, this pain can be managed using over the counter painkillers. OTC medications have a multibillion-dollar market. In the United States, patients can purchase as much of this medication as they desire to treat their pain. This medication can be easily abused and misused unintentionally. Every year, there are thousands of hospitalizations from misuse of these medications, and several cases of death. When taken incorrectly, these helpful medications can cause detrimental effects such as ulcers, kidney failure, and loss of liver function. The max daily dose is not much higher for these medications than for a prescription medication. The lack of regulations increases the prevalence of abuse. By analyzing restrictions in foreign nations, examining the avenues to abuse, and understanding how the medications work, the abuse can be limited.