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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


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Lucy Morrison


In the past three to five years there have been significant improvements made in AI due to improvements in computing capacity, the collection and use of big data, and an increase in public interest and funding for research. Programs such as ChatGPT, DALL•E, and Midjourney have also gained tremendous popularity in a relatively short amount of time. This led me to this project in which I aimed to gain a deeper understanding of these art generator AI and where they fit into art as a whole. My goal was to give recommendations to museums and exhibits in Omaha on what role AI art should play in their experiences. To this end, I investigated the popular opinion of the use of AI in art through articles in conventional newspapers. I conducted my own research and experimentation into how these AI work and how to use them (specifically, I experimented with the Midjourney AI). In conjunction, I researched opinions and academic papers on how these AI should fit into the current art culture. Finally, I conducted interviews with local experts in the fields of AI and Art to determine the perspective of those who have worked in their respective fields and may understand the trends where things are going, and where they are coming from, more accurately. This paper summarizes this process and provides insights into what was learned as well as opinions on the topic.