Month/Year of Graduation


First Advisor

Saundra Shillingstad


The use of graphic organizers has risen in classrooms over the past few decades. However, it is essential to assess whether they lead to improved student learning, as some trending instructional strategies are not well-backed by quality research. The purpose of this study was to analyze if graphic organizers are indeed effective to use in a high school English class. This study took place in a secondary school setting for a weeklong unit. For this project, students completed three graphic organizers throughout the unit in order to better understand selected topics relating to the unit’s nonfiction text including inferences, characterization, vocabulary, and descriptive writing. Students completed a pre and post test at the start and the end of the unit. The pre and post tests were implemented to assess if the integration of multiple graphic organizers would improve student learning. After reviewing and analyzing this data, I found that graphic organizers were an effective instructional strategy to improve students’ learning of the content presented.