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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)



First Advisor

Dr. Roxanne Kellar


When first attempting home gardening, one of the challenges many home-renters are starting to face is being able to supply enough clean water to one’s plants. In order to overcome this challenge, many plant enthusiasts are utilizing prepackaged distilled water from price friendly brands available at most regional Walmart locations. With the number of choices available on the shelves of today’s grocery stores, and vague ingredient lists on packaging it can be challenging to determine which brand is actually best suited for one’s specific needs. In order to determine the best distilled water suited to grow Chlorophytum comosum, various gallons of distilled water manufactured by different companies will be used to treat the developing specimens. The effects of the distilled water on Chlorophytum comosum was observed over the selected growth period, and the relative dry weight of the roots was taken for analysis. After being weighed, the average dried root weight of Pure Life was 0.066 土 0.019 grams, which is 0.002 more than the root weight of the control, while the average root weight of the Parent's Choice brand was 0.014 土 0.004 grams.

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Botany Commons