Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

First Advisor

Dr. Gina Ligon


The Islamic State in al-Sham (ISIS) is one of the most successful recruiting terrorist organization in history. They target people who feel like outsiders and loners. Such groups of people include second generation immigrants and refugees. A student organization was created to help these populations feel included in the community and to spread awareness about the problem. A previous national campaign proved the idea effective now the question comes about how to make it a sustainable long-run buffer to ISIS recruitment. I propose the creation of a peaceful student organization based on the adaptation of ISIS recruitment techniques. The organizational life cycle of ISIS will be researched and compared to that of the Refugee Perspective, a student organization. The structures, problems, and a comparison of solutions to the problems will be discussed. Finally, the analysis of how the difference in the demographic, structure, and purpose will be analyzed. Possible solutions to the problems presented will be offered and advice to the next leader of the Refugee Perspective will be given. Utilizing ISIS techniques is an effective method for students to buffer ISIS recruitment.