Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Special Education and Communication Disorders

First Advisor

Justin Andersson, PhD


This capstone project examined the impact of self-regulation and executive functioning skills of using a planner on eighth-grade students with missing assignments, who have mild to moderate learning disabilities, and other health impairments that impact their learning. Self-regulated learning strategies and executive skills, such as using a daily homework planner were explicitly taught during a five-lesson intervention to eight, eighth-grade Special Education (SPED) students during a Guided Study Hall class. The data was compared to students of similar ability who did not receive intervention. This study took place over three weeks; this study tracked rates of students missing work for one week before, during, and after the intervention. Data collected was analyzed and was found that with direct instruction on “What a planner is and how to use it effectively”, students’ missing assignments rates decreased.