Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Harvey Siy


The Grant Anon system was designed to be a casualized version of the real-time strategy genre, a genre usually known for its difficulty and competitiveness because of Starcraft II, the most popular game in the genre. Grant Anon was designed as part of a capstone project, and this report details the extension that was created to add an additional element designed to make it easier for any player to enjoy Grant Anon: minigames. These minigames serve to reduce the skill needed to participate effectively in Grant Anon. This is accomplished by providing an alternative means of gaining an advantage over the other players outside of strategic prowess. The extension not only focuses on adding a single minigame to Grant Anon. The minigame extension creates a structure that allows many more minigames to be easily implemented into the Grant Anon game loop, providing a diverse game experience to widen the game’s default audience and provide additional challenges to the players. As a proof of concept, one minigame was created using this structure, called the ‘CleanUp.’ This report will detail the gameplay of Grant Anon, and how the addition of CleanUp and other minigames could improve the enjoyability of the game as a whole. It will also cover the coded architectural additions added by this extension, and detail the process required to add a new minigame into Grant Anon.


Attached is the build of Grant Anon containing an executable that can be used to play the game with the minigame included.

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