Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Physical Education

First Advisor

Jessica Baldwin


Dance is an art form that incorporates many different mediums. Music is selected to determine the quality of movement that is visualized. Movement becomes realized through repetition of listening to music and outside influences. All dances require collaboration between choreographer and dancers to construct the piece and prepare for performance. The process of development, refinement, and completion is known as the choreographic process. The methods for the process include determining the style of movement and choosing music to satisfy the inspiration. Once music is selected, movement and steps can be determined with influences from previous pieces or other choreographers. The rehearsal process is the time that choreographer and dancers collaborate to prepare the piece for performance. With these steps, a cleaned piece will be presented for audiences to consume. The aim of this thesis project was to implement these processes to prepare a ballet piece for a show. By following the steps, non-dancers will gain insight into an artistic endeavor that is rarely displayed.