Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

First Advisor

Patrick McNamara


Mission trips are a rite of passage for many high schoolers – a way to experience new cultures and economic backgrounds as well as learn the concept of service. These trips can impact the way young people view the world around them and may lead to students becoming ambassadors for a certain organization or community later in life. However, missioners need to remember to evaluate their trips and make sure they are truly helping the communities they intend to serve.

This project explores the missional relationship between the Episcopal Dioceses of Nebraska and the Dominican Republic. After interviews with community members, trip participants, leaders, and coordinators, it is clear that the most impactful and important part of these trips is the cross-cultural relationships they create. In order to make future mission trips more effective, leaders should focus on preparing participants for relationships and maintaining contact after the trip is over.

To prepare participants for relationships, they should learn about the country before they visit it. While they are there, they should reflect on their experiences using a three-pronged transformational learning approach. Once participants return, they should be encouraged to keep in contact with their new friends, utilizing social media and group video chatting where possible. If these steps are followed, future mission trips can create lasting friendships between the communities, giving both a chance to learn from and help each other.