Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)



First Advisor

Katie A. Shirazi, PhD


Previous research regarding the analysis of the current healthcare professional workforce has been done in the state of Nebraska in order to determine to magnitude of healthcare resource deficits among different counties and populations, and research has shown that deficits are severe in the field of physical therapy primarily in rural counties. Consequently, the flow of patients to more urban areas in order to receive care has challenged physical therapists with accounting for the deficits in rural Nebraska. It is known that these issues as well as challenges regarding insurance and lack of interprofessionalism has led to complications in patient health and financial outcome; however, there is a lack of information regarding the perspective of the healthcare professionals who practice in these communities. This capstone project aims to highlight the current issues that physical therapists in urban Nebraska perceive to be the most important to address. Oral interviews were conducted with professionals in order to gain their insight and expertise. Insurance coverage, patient education, interprofessionalism, and technology and resources. have been identified as important topics currently in the field, and the challenges associated with these topics have led to consequences that have affected the way they practice in certain situations.