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Dear Reader,

From whom do you seek wisdom? Who do you share your insights with? In activities with multiple generations, new perspectives of information and insight can be shared through conversation and activity. This is exactly what we learned this spring in our 2019 collaborative activity with senior residents, graduate students, and 3rd graders.

In the following pages, you will read advice acrostic and “I Am” poems from the senior residents at Royale Oaks Assisted Living near 50th and Ames Street. You will read “I am” poems from the Black Elk Elementary 3rd grade students, near 180th and Harrison Street. Lastly, the graduate students in University of Nebraska at Omaha Educational Leadership Department connected with the seniors and served as scribes for the seniors’ letters back and forth with the Black Elk students. Sprinkled throughout the text, you will see their reflection and insight. Age does not define wisdom as you will read.


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