The mission of the Chemistry Department is to: Address intellectual and professional needs, in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, environmental analysis, and material science, of students in range from those preparing to be research chemists to those becoming scientifically-literate citizens; Raise the educational achievement and intellectual aspirations of our students and those affected by our students while fostering an interest in and appreciation for chemical aspects of the world; Advance the professions of chemistry and chemical education through production of scholarship respected in and beyond our community; Provide opportunities for outreach to and partnerships with other academic and community units which address students' concerns and interests; Support the economic and cultural vitality of our community by building understanding and respect for the diverse impacts of chemistry, and the impact of diversity on chemistry. The centrality of chemistry to science is clearly reflected in our mission and in the breadth of career interests of our students. While we take pride in the strength of problem-solving skills developed through our rigorous program, our purpose is to encourage students to grow in their interest in the problems and challenges which chemistry addresses.

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