Assessment of Software for Blast Loading and Structural Response Analysis Using a Lightweight Steel-Joist Roof as a Test Case

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Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities





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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the current multihazard loading environments when future blast loadings are included. While most of the currently available software programs for the physical testing of normal design loading conditions have been validated, the testing does not include the blast environment. It has not been determined whether these programs can be used when blast loads are included. Currently, designers use multiple software packages to perform multihazard analyses when blast loads are involved, making it difficult to compare the results. This analysis has as major topics air-blast and structural responses. The three standard air-blast codes used are ConWep, BlastX, and SBEDS, and the four structural response codes used are SBEDS, STAAD, ADINA, and DYNA3D. All analyses are compared against a test series that loaded standard open web steel joist sections dynamically with an air-blast load. This paper compares the output and results of each program against the test results to determine if the software is comparable in an effort to simplify the multihazard analysis process.