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Recently, rural transit managers asked for wage data for a range of positions. As a result, the Nebraska Public Transit team collected the associated information from the Nebraska Transit Portal. The tables provide monthly wages and non-pay related employee expenses (FICA, health insurance, etc.) paid to a range of positions. The data is the monthly average for January 2022 – April 2022. We show the averages in regions for Nebraska. The position titles are taken from information input into the Transit Portal by managers about monthly personnel expenses. The tables include average wages, average fringe benefits, average total combining both wages and fringe. We also include the minimum and maximum to demonstrate the range that is paid within a month. We show all this data because the amount paid to personnel might change month to month for a wide range of reasons. Also, the portal does not provide information on hours worked to receive wages. We provide the data by region, as wages may differ across Nebraska for the same position.