Juvenile Corrections

Juvenile Corrections

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On any given day, there are over 100,000 youthful offenders held in a variety of residential placements, from community-based wilderness experience programs or group homes to high security facilities that are almost indistinguishable from prisons. In addition, thousands of juveniles are incarcerated in adult jails or prisons and some will serve the rest of their lives behind bars. Despite a 200-year history of holding juveniles in these settings, there is a gap in our knowledge about what actually occurs within these places. There are assaults, murders and suicides, as well as staff and resident misconduct, medical misadventures, unintentional injuries and mismanagement. On the other hand, there are thousands of hard-working, dedicated, and professional staff members in these facilities who enthusiastically work toward the rehabilitation of these young people. The contributors to this volume examine some of the key issues and trends within contemporary juvenile corrections, highlight promising rehabilitative practices, and identify the challenges of working with these youth.



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Newgate Press


Richmond, KY


The below chapters are co-authored by University of Nebraska at Omaha's faculty, Dr. Gaylene Armstrong.

Armstrong, G., Kim, B., & Ruddell, R. Aftercare. In R. Ruddell & M. Thomas (Eds.), Juvenile Corrections. Newgate Press: Richmond, KY.

Kim, B., & Armstrong, G. The Decline of Juvenile Boot Camps: Where are We Now? In R. Ruddell & M. Thomas (Eds.), Juvenile Corrections. Newgate Press: Richmond, KY

Juvenile Corrections