Turnstile Justice: Issues in American Corrections (2nd Edition)

Turnstile Justice: Issues in American Corrections (2nd Edition)

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Focused on the major issues facing corrections today, this collection of readings analyzes the social context within which current American punishment philosophy and practice take place. Each chapter deals with a major topic, policy, or strategy that is currently generating debate in the correctional field, and varying points of view reflect the diversity of thought on each critical issue. The author of each chapter provides factual information and data on an issue or topic and then invites readers to step back and critically examine the impact of the correctional problem on the system or society. American Corrections in the New Millennium. Societal Change and Its Impact on Corrections. Correctional Philosophies. Prison Violence. The Inmate Subculture in Juvenile Correctional Settings. Health Care for Women Offenders. Jailed Fathers. Correctional Boot Camps. Detention in I.N.S. Jails. Postsecondary Correctional Education. For anyone involved in criminal justice/corrections.



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Prentice Hall - Pearson Education


New Jersey


The below chapter was co-authored by University of Nebraska at Omaha's faculty, Dr. Gaylene Armstrong.

Armstrong, G.S., Gover, A.R., & MacKenzie, D.L. (2001). The Development and Diversity of Boot Camps. In T. Alleman & R.L. Gido (Eds.), Turnstile Justice: Issues in American Corrections (2nd edition). Prentice Hall: New Jersey.

Turnstile Justice: Issues in American Corrections (2nd Edition)