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Sometimes, despite all our efforts, projects fail. We’re here to tell you that’s okay. In 2017, the University of Nebraska at Omaha's Criss Library created a Textbook Reserves Pilot Project. At the time we weren’t sure it would work out. We were optimistic, though. After all, we had plenty of evidence that said it would work: our literature review had examples of successful textbook programs. Our data showed textbook prices rising. We met with advisors across our campus who said students desperately needed textbooks to succeed. We had buy-in from library administrators, the bookstore, and student government, but something just didn’t click. In this program, we share the top reasons why we think our textbook pilot project failed, how the lessons learned during our pilot helped as UNO Libraries created an Open Educational Resource initiative, and why failure should always be embraced throughout your organization.


This presentation was part of an NCompass Live event,