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Over the past two decades academic librarians have been exploring the use of assessment to communicate and demonstrate to campus stakeholders the importance of libraries and librarians when it comes to student learning.1 This has not been an easy road. While faculty and librarians are often in agreement that students need certain information literacy skills, they often disagree as to how students should learn these skills and which ones are most important.2 Some of this disconnect may be due to faculty and librarians not speaking the same language when it comes to information literacy.3 Another difference may be that faculty think students absorb these skills through the ongoing process of researching and writing within their disciplines.4 However, librarians recognize that students are not attaining these skills as they advance through college.5 In fact students often overestimate their abilities.6 Assessment data is imperative to bridging these gaps as teaching faculty and librarians work towards a greater understanding of the library’s role in improving student achievement.


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