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1. Take off your jewelry: A “simple” approach to LibGuides design ! “Ornamentation is like jewelry. ! Put on all of your best, 
 then take most of it off.” ! K.K. Merker, literary publisher ! Tammi Owens, Emerging Services Librarian! Allison Quam, Reference Librarian! Winona State University! Subjects landing page.! Research Hub landing page.! Course guides landing page.! •  Keep it simple: design continuity, oneclick database navigation, single-page layouts, no dropdowns, no search boxes! •  Make it scannable: place important information in upper right corner, pull eye across page with right-side photos! •  Control cognitive overload: use 
 white space, fewer than 15 links per page, single row of fewer than 6 tabs! •  Resist librarian-ing: use plain language, fewer words, just-in-time resources ! Film Studies subject guide.! LibGuides design team! Tammi Owens,! Allison Quam,! H. Vernon Leighton,! NURS 354 course guide.! WSU Research Hub!