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1. Is it real or just a trace? Ownership, ephemerality, and materiality in social art Tammi Owens Emerging Services Librarian Winona State University Darrell W. Krueger Library ART955, Art as Ephemera UNC-Chapel Hill October 23, 2013

2. Remixers Sharers Bloggers Makers Curators social artists

3. Who owns creativity anything online?

4. Online ≠ Owned Sharing ≠ Stealing Finding ≠ Plagiarizing

5. “… feeds are full of fragments of close friends and strangers, little iridium flares of information, there for a few seconds and gone again. Watch your feed for long enough and get a sense of the quality of rushing flow, of Not Stopping.” Sarah Wanenchak, Dispatches from Ephemeral Social Media, 2013

6. Where does social art exist?

7. Mashups Memes Pins Tumblrs Tweets social art

8. Tweets information flows on

9. Memes culture passes virally

10. Mashups two become one

11. Pinterest curation to remember

12. Tumblr collections with commentary

13. Instagram artful snapshots of daily life

14. Snapchat see it for seconds

15. Are there consequences to social art?

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