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Book Review

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Summer 2017

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Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals





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In the digital realm, the growth of the Internet and technology optimally increases access to digital scholarship, shares research outputs, and expands research community in academia. In recent years, digital scholarship has played an important role in publishing and providing access to scholarship and supporting knowledge creation and dissemination. Academic libraries have been at the forefront of this movement while addressing the opportunities and challenges associated with digital scholarship. Many have developed a collaborative environment for faculty, researchers, and students and have engaged with them to create and support their digital scholarship. At the same time, this expanding digital environment has caused a dramatic change in how digital scholarship is created and how scholarly communication affects the librarian's expertise. This book, Developing Digital Scholarship, is written for professionals confronting questions related to emerging digital scholarship and scholarly communication practices, such as "What is digital scholarship?" and "How do we develop new skills and expertise to support digital scholarship and scholarly communication?" Prospective readers include librarians and information professionals involved in digital scholarship, scholarly communication practices, and new digital services as well as those with new roles supporting digital scholarship in academic libraries, such as digital scholarship coordinators, digital initiatives librarians, scholarly communications librarians, and digital humanities librarians.