Submissions from 2016


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Submissions from 2014


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Submissions from 2012


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Submissions from 2005


A Systematic, Reliable Approach to Play Assessment in Preschoolers, Lisa Kelly-Vance and Bridget O. Ryalls

Submissions from 2004


An observational study of delivered and received aggression, gender, and social-psychological adjustment in preschool: Abstract "This White Crayon Doesn't Work ... ", Jamie M. Ostrov, Kathleen E. Woods, Elizabeth A. Jansen Yeh, Juan F. Casas, and Nikki R. Crick

Submissions from 2002


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Submissions from 1989


Children's Attitudes Toward Play: An Investigation of Their Context Specificity and Relationship to Organized Sport Experiences, Donald L. Greer and Michael J. Stewart