Date of Award

Spring 2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Kay A. Keiser, Ed. D.


The purpose of this study was to explore parent opinions of the teaching of social- emotional learning (SEL) competencies in middle school. Three over-arching questions were examined. First, do parents believe that it is important for SEL competencies to be taught? Next, do sixth grade parents have a different opinion of the teaching of SEL than eight grade parents? And finally, do parents believe that the specific SEL program being utilized at the school is helpful for their children?

Quantitative data from the survey indicated that parents were supportive of the teaching of SEL in middle school. Sixth grade parents viewed the competencies of Self- Management, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision-Making Skills to be more important than eighth grade parents did. Parents believed the program was helpful for their student(s).


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