<i>Women in Public Administration: Theory and Practice</i>

Women in Public Administration: Theory and Practice



Chapter 11: Women in Budgeting and Financial Management, co-authroed by John Bartle, UNO faculty member.

Explore the gender dimension and expand the dialogue in your classroom through this collection of case studies, empirical studies, and theoretical essays on women's issues in public administration.

Until now, there has been a paucity of research exploring how gender informs theory and practice in public administration which undermines the equitable representation of women in our society and precludes the integration of gender analysis into public sector practice and policies. This is the first book of its kind written about the female endeavor in public administration from the perspective of female public administrators and academics.

Women in Public Administration illuminates women's past and emerging challenges, in a predominantly male based public sector that are fundamental to practitioners, students, and faculty of public administration and policy. For example, how women administrators have been affected by male dominated labor markets, ethics and law, management, financial institutions, and public service. This book extends beyond the existing works in the field by furthering the discussion and bridging the gender gap in public administration theory and praxis by continuing the efforts of the female public administrators who began to unravel the inequity in our public organizations and the under representation of women in our society.



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<i>Women in Public Administration: Theory and Practice</i>