<i>Saṃskṛta-Sādhutā ‘Goodness of Sanskrit’: Studies in Honour of Professor Ashok Aklujkar</i>

Saṃskṛta-Sādhutā ‘Goodness of Sanskrit’: Studies in Honour of Professor Ashok Aklujkar



Editors: Chikafumi Watanabe, Michele Desmarais (UNO faculty member), and Yoshichika Honda

Making many original contributions to our knowledge and literature — contributions based on deep thought, extensive research and literary acumen, Dr. Ashok Aklujkar has made a name for himself as a Sanskritist and Indologist. His reputation has been strengthened through frequent presentations in seminars and conferences in many parts of the world and teaching at high-class universities. He has also become known for personal attributes that matter very much for the creation of a successful teacher. It is in honour of this outstanding and world-renowned scholar and teacher that the present volume has been compiled and published.

Several leading and gifted scholars from across the world have contributed a wide range of interesting research articles to this special volume. The articles deal with major areas of Sanskrit and related studies such as philosophy, religion, linguistics, poetics, art and sociology. Here, as a befitting tribute to the scholarly interests and attainments reflected in the published works of Professor Aklujkar, essays exploring the complexities of Sanskrit grammars and Indic linguistic philosophy take the centre stage. However, care has also been taken to devote sufficient space to poetics and to the relationship between Sanskrit and Pali, which are the two other areas on which Professor Aklujkar has focused from time to time.

In this collection of absorbing articles authored by senior and well-known scholars, articles of several young scholars of considerable merit appear alongside almost in an equal measure; the latter too have offered the fruits of their original and critical work.

The result: a panorama of interesting readings that introduce the reader to the unique diversity and richness of Sanskrit from various vantage points.



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<i>Saṃskṛta-Sādhutā ‘Goodness of Sanskrit’: Studies in Honour of Professor Ashok Aklujkar</i>

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