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Martin Nwadiugwu

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Bioinformatics and Biology Insights




The current study seeks to compare 3 clustering algorithms that can be used in gene-based bioinformatics research to understand disease networks, protein-protein interaction networks, and gene expression data. Denclue, Fuzzy-C, and Balanced Iterative and Clustering using Hierarchies (BIRCH) were the 3 gene-based clustering algorithms selected. These algorithms were explored in relation to the subfield of bioinformatics that analyzes omics data, which include but are not limited to genomics, proteomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics data. The objective was to compare the efficacy of the 3 algorithms and determine their strength and drawbacks. Result of the review showed that unlike Denclue and Fuzzy-C which are more efficient in handling noisy data, BIRCH can handle data set with outliers and have a better time complexity.


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