Latinos Throughout the City: A Snapshot of Socio-Demographic Differences in Omaha, Nebraska

Jasney Cogua-Lopez, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Lissette Aliaga-Linares, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Lourdes Gouveia, University of Nebraska at Omaha


It is commonplace for Omaha residents to equate the city’s Latino population with “South Omaha,” the section of town that has longserved as a gateway for successive waves of immigrants. Earlier, those immigrants hailed mainly from Europe, and, more recently, from Latin America. While it is true that the majority of Latinos still live in that section of the city, they are neither the majority in any one of the zip codes that encompass South Omaha, nor are they absent from any other section of Omaha. In fact, they are found throughout the city and are slowly dispersing west and north.