Marketing is responsible for acquiring, satisfying, and retaining customers by building and maintaining mutually-beneficial long-term relationships with target customers. Marketing professionals endeavor to answer the following questions: Who are our customers? What are their needs? How can we satisfy their needs better than our competitors? How can we meet the firm’s goals for revenue, profitability and market share? Marketers are charged with analyzing and predicting the influence of external environmental factors on customers, competition, and costs.

Management has the responsibility to lead, develop, sustain and continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s goal achievements. Managers direct human, financial, physical, and information resources in workplaces faced with pluralism, globalization, unparalleled opportunities and unprecedented uncertainty. In this dynamic environment managers work to satisfy evolving customer and employee expectations while increasing the influence of the firm among key constituencies. Every aspect of business has a management component, giving managers an optimal degree of flexibility and control over career opportunities.


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