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The work of the university is to construct and share knowledge. Because this work is done largely by means of the written word, it is important for students to gain control over written language Proficiency in reading, research, and written expression is essential for professional success and effective citizenship.

Fundamental academic skills, consisting of English & Writing, Public Speaking and Mathematics coursework, comprise 15 hours of your general education requirements. Students must complete nine credit hours of English & Writing coursework.

The nine credit hours include English 1150 and English 1160 (students may test out of one or both courses), and one additional advanced writing course or equivalent set of writing-intensive courses The advanced or writing-intensive courses are determined by the academic program.

The foundational writing courses (Composition I and Composition 11) provide instruction m general academic literacy while advanced writing and writing-intensive courses, preferably token in the student's major, introduce research and language practices specific to the disciplines.


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