The Peter Kiewit Institute is shaped by the dynamic alliance of education and industry. The Institute's mission is to fuel collaborations and fire the imagination of faculty, students and business alike. In so doing, the Institute offers exceptional career opportunities for students and provides the business community with a growing labor pool of skilled professionals.

In this collaboration, traditional boundaries do not exist. The University of Nebraska at Omaha's College of Information Science and Technology (IS&T) and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's College of Engineering remain separate entities offering a variety of degrees while they work closely together inviting students to explore courses and labs in both colleges. The end result, for example, is a computer science student who not only understands the issues of data collection, data mining and systems architecture but has a working knowledge of hardware requirements necessary to ensure efficiency and connectivity of purpose.

Educators no longer work in a vacuum, apart from real-world applications. Faculty spend time in businesses to learn about the high-tech problems facing industry and to offer their expertise. They bring these experiences back to the classroom providing relevant instruction with a futuristic bent. Students, too, are enriched by internships and summer jobs in their field of study, establishing connections with local business leaders eager to turn today's bright students into tomorrow's expert employees.

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