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Review of Policy Research





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Global Environmental Change and Human Security . Cambridge, MA : MIT Press . 327 pages . ISBN 978‐026251308‐1 , $25.00 paperback . Richard A. Matthew, Jon Barnett, Bryan McDonald, and Karen L. O'Brien ( Eds .). 2010 .

Environmental security is no longer a fringe field. It is a research domain “effectively established,” as the editors of this volume admit (p. 307). So it's time to stop turning out these same vague and overly theoretical “concept” books, and get cracking on how to actually solve some of the interrelated problems of global environmental change and human security. The Global Environmental Change and Human Security project (GECHS) was a groundbreaking endeavor when it began in 1996, and many of the GECHS founders have contributed chapters to this volume. Now, however, the theoretical and practical connections between environmental drivers and human security outcomes are both commonsensical and demonstrated, and it's time to move from theory to praxis.


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