Conference proceedings and presentations by the Psychology Department faculty members are collected here.


Submissions from 2018


Workplace incivility against women in STEM: Insights and best practices, Mahima Saxena

Submissions from 2015


Buffering Role of Perceptions of Work-Life Balance on the Relationship Between External Obligations and Health, Benedict J. Fern and Lisa Leahy Scherer

Submissions from 2012


A Model and Exploratory Field Study on Team Creativity, Triparna de Vreede, Imed Boughzala, Gert Jan de Vreede, and Roni Reiter-Palmon


Exploring the Effects of Personality on Collaboration Technology Transition, Triparna de Vreede, Gert Jan de Vreede, Gregory Ashley, and Roni Reiter-Palmon