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Purpose of This Checklist: The Evaluation Plan Checklist will help you assess how "operational" your Evaluation Plan is. It has been designed to show what information is missing or not fully developed.

Why Use This Checklist: This Checklist will help ensure that your Evaluation Plans are clear and doable. It will provide tips to assist you in developing Evaluation Plans that stand alone and can be implemented by people new to the program. Implementing your evaluation should not depend upon some secret knowledge, or one person's memory of what sections of the Plan mean.

When to Use This Checklist: This Evaluation Plan Checklist is to be used after you have written your Evaluation Plans. If you need assistance writing objectives and completing your Evaluation Plans, you can call Project STAR or you can use Project Star's "Toolkit: Evaluation Toolkit for National Service Programs". This toolkit takes you step-bystep through each stage of the process.

How to Use This Checklist: It is best to answer each question as objectively as possible. Your approach should be one of "testing" your Plan. Does your evaluation plan provide a clear description of what is to be done, why, by whom, and when?

What You Will Need: You will need a copy of all Evaluation Plans.