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What we know about service-learning programs regarding impacts on students, communities, institutions:
• little systematic data analysis has been done;
• most existing findings are anecdotal;
• findings that exist are narrow in scope and are typically nongeneralizeable to other programs;
• most studies on service-learning have focused on the impact of service on student (service provider) development;
• there are a growing number of service-learning evaluations that are assessing the impacts of service on communities (service recipients);
• assessments of the impacts of service-learning on institutions are negligible
• regarding impacts on students, we know that service can impact students in six domains: academic achievement, career development, social development, personal development, civic responsibility, and ethical development (See Kendall et al, Eds.; 1990; Williams, 1990; Conrad & Hedin, 1987) .


1997 California Service and Volunteerism Conference