JoAnn Campbell

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Declines in civic participation, low voting rates among 18-25 year olds, dwindling federal support for social services, and deficit state budgets have created a climate in which higher education must make a case for the value it adds to society through applications of research and teaching. National and state organizations (such as Campus Compact and state Compacts) dedicated to supporting a culture of service in higher education articulate the university's role as a collective citizen, whose priorities include linking scholarship to community-based needs, using the resources of the college faculty for professional local service, and utilizing federal work study, America Reads, and AmeriCorps programs to support the work of local schools, nonprofit organizations, and faith-based institutions. Over 800 Campus Compact member institutions have devoted attention and resources to enhanced, quality engagement with the local community by addressing current civic, economic, and social challenges through academic-based service-learning and student community service activities.