Johnny Irizarry

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Winter 1997

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NSEE Quarterly

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Taller Puertorriquefio is a community-based cultural center, located in a North Philadelphia neighborhood rich in history. Poverty has taken hold of the area as the collapse and flight of industry and work opportunities has occurred. With so many needs in our area. Taller has to make careful program choices. This is not easy when the needs are so great. In our 22-year history, our mission has been for the arts and culture to be at the core of what we do. Our guiding question in assessing community needs is "How can Taller best influence the overall well-being of the community it serves through the arts?" We seek to develop multidisciplinary arts and cultural programs in which the community can participate in a significant way.


This excerpt is reprinted with permission from the National Society for Experiential Education in their Critical Issues in K-12: Case Studies and Reflections. (1996) Gila Gulati-Partee and William R. Finger, Editors. pp. 23-28.