Exceptional Children in Today's Schools–Fifth Edition


Exceptional Children in Today's Schools–Fifth Edition

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This introductory Special Education text is designed for traditional certification, alternative, and in-service training programs. This new edition brings the most current information and research on inclusive classrooms, transition, diversity, collaboration, and much more.

Exceptional Children in Today's Schools–Fifth Edition explains how to improve outcomes for exceptional students within the context of demanding curriculum environments.

  • Each chapter contains practical suggestions and strategies for how to teach high-leverage instructional, behavioral, and social strategies within the inclusive school settings, promote mastery and generalization of the targeted skills, and improve outcomes in both academic and nonacademic settings.
  • Grounded in empirical literature, the instructional suggestions can be used with confidence to achieve favorable outcomes. Clear protocols and recommendations are provided to implement various teaching strategies.
  • Specific examples from actual classroom situations are supplied to illustrate each learning point and the associated instructional procedure(s).

Comprehensive in scope, this book includes a broad array of related resources for extended study of key topics.



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Austin, TX


This book chapter, written during my doctoral preparation with my advisor and a fellow doctoral student, is intended to provide pre-service teachers with information concerning the characteristics and learning needs of individuals with learning disabilities. (Poch, A.L.)

Chapter: Learning Disabilities is co-authored by the University of Nebraska at Omaha's faculty, Dr. April L. Poch.

Exceptional Children in Today's Schools–Fifth Edition