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Master of Arts (MA)



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Bridget Ryalls

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Joseph LaVoie

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Joseph Brown


The present study used a unique task derived from the elicited imitation paradigm to assess temporal integration in 17- and 20-month-old infants. Experiment 1 implemented a simpler task than has previously been used in order to tap temporal integration ability in 17-month-olds. The results indicated that the performance of 17- month-olds did not improve over that of previous research (de Haan & Bauer 1997). Experiment 2 added storage and processing demands to the de Haan and Bauer task in order to assess the robustness of temporal integration ability in 20-month-olds. The results indicated that the performance of 20-month-olds did not suffer with the added demands of the task. Implications of the findings in regards to the structure and development of working memory are discussed.

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