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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. A. Stanley Trickett


The author’s analysis of the effect of civil-military, relations on the conduct of the German campaign in the West in 1940 is based upon three case studies. Chapter I provides the background for the civil-military , relations existing in the Third Reich in 1940 and introduces the major personalities in the case studies which follow. Each of the next three chapters describes a separate military situation during the German campaign in the West in 1940 and the civil-military environment, in which,it developed. These three cases were selected because each has posed difficult and controversial problems of interpretation for historians. The fifth and last chapter provides a cumulative analysis of the three cases and briefly extends the Nazi debacle to its conclusion. Chapter II appeared in slightly different form in an article in the March 1962 issue of Military Review entitled "Sichelschnitt, Evolution of an Operation Plan. " That paper was first undertaken, as a researc h project in a "Graduate Problems" course in History at the University of Omaha and was prepared for publication with permission of the Department of History and the Graduate Council, the University of Omaha. The maps in Chapters II, III, and IV were prepared from sketches by the author and are based on research connected with this study. The author expresses his appreciation for the guidance and assistance provided him by Dr. A. Stanley Trickett, Professor and Chairman.of the D epartment of History, University of Omaha. Without Dr. Trickett’s wise counsel and encouragement this endeavor would not have been possible.


A Thesis Presented to the Graduate Faculty of the Department of History University of Omaha In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts. Copyright 1964 John Ogden Shoemaker

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