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Fall 2023


In the history of the Americas, it has always been a prevalent thought that the mistreatment of Native Americans has never gone unnoticed due to the factors for which colonization has done to the tribes of the Americas, even in other parts of the Americas such as Canada.

Examples that follow this prompt would be the enforcement of Native American out of their lands/homes, the process of Americanization to rid one's own culture in favor for American ideals, and what has been also an ongoing issue is the rise of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Within parts of the United States, there is a constant rise in the number of Indigenous people, predominantly women and girls, that have gone missing, or even in other cases, murdered. According to the Native Hope Foundation, they stated that in a 2016 report from the National Crime Information Center that there were an estimated 5712 reports of missing American Indian and Alaskan Native women and girls, yet only 116 cases were ever taken into consideration.

Native American women make up a majority of missing and murdered cases within the United States, yet not much is discussed on the issue considering the media doesn't spend enough time to cover these situations. While it is a serious issue, there hasn't been enough coverage on the issue for many people to look into , addressing the matter for which it seems uninteresting or unimportant for a majority of Individuals within the United States, and other parts of the Americas.

With that, I believe it is important to address these concerns as to what drives the media to not take enough part to address the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and what can support these cases.