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Creation Date

Fall 2023



By Danni Barth

In a world so tainted by the sound of cries, the child's laughter fills the skies

With the joy and wonder everywhere, they lived their lives unaware

With shallow graves waiting to be dug, I hope the children embrace every hug

Their eyes so wide yet clouded still, one day waiting for their eventual kill

Innocence training like a guiding light for their attackers to violate at night

With hearts untainted free from strife they see the beauty from every life

Innocence a tender grace, a reminder of a simpler yet unreachable place

Let us cherish their innocence because it is so rare, protected with love protected with care

For the children a different place we must create before for them it is too late


By Danni Barth

So heinous so unkind our innocence abandoned and left behind

Tainted by the darkness we have seen our pure heart robbed of its pristine o

Once filled with laughter once filled with delight now shadowed by our haunting nights

Our innocence wrecked, our innocent slaughtered, nobody's son nobody's daughter

Let us not forget the universal strength that lies within our combined spirits length

For even in the face of pain our resilience will eternally remain

May we surround ourselves with love and care help us heal and our burdens we share

Restore innocence piece by piece and let our hearts find gentle peace

Authors Note:

In these poems about obliviousness and tainted innocence, the author explores the feelings of assaults and the great effects that can occur when you are robbed of your childlike state. Through the power of community, survivors are able to repair their wounds and grow together again, but it is not without its battles. Assault takes a grave toll on people and innocence is never able to be given back. This poem serves as a reminder that no matter the circumstances we can live through, shared experiences and continue to work together and be support systems for those who need us and for when we need others.