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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


A recently emerging way to decrease stress of individuals is by practicing therapeutic art. The aim of this form of therapy is to provide a sense of expression and relief to individuals who suffer from constant anxiety and stress. Therapeutic art can be performed by a therapy session where an individual express themselves using art to communicate their thoughts and emotions. Since this form of therapy does not require artistic sense or skills, many individuals can benefit from it. Moreover, another form of this therapy is surrounding stressed individuals with calming art, such as photography, music, sculpture, and painting, etc. There are multiple research experiments that study the impact of therapeutic arts on different individuals. Therefore, this study was conducted to observe and analyze data collected from UNO students’ responses to three different pieces of art by using survey questions during two time periods, the beginning of the semester and at midterms. This will allow to have a clearer understanding of the relationship of UNO student’s stress and the influence of art therapy.