Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Land Use Economics (RELU)


Finance, Banking, and Real Estate

First Advisor

Dr. Erin Pleggenkuhle-Miles


This case study investigates a local candy store in Glenwood and Council Bluffs Iowa. Processes, consistency and concise planning promoted the rapid growth of Sugar Makery into two locations in three short years. Results from the analyses indicate that the main problem facing Sugar Makery is sustaining its differentiated strategy from new industry entrants, key recommendations to sustain its success are presented. Every company has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The key is identifying each to be able to capitalize on competitive advantages, mitigate the damage done by weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities and create plans to avoid threats. Overall, the thesis serves as a complete analysis of Sugar Makery and offers a recommendation to strengthen its competitive position and amplify the company’s unique products and services.