Month/Year of Graduation


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)



First Advisor

Jodeane N. Brownlee


This creative project explores the tendency of individuals to avoid or alter deemed unfavorable, unflattering, or simply humiliating traits or actions in their written and spoken personal stories. Such choices come from fear and pressure to present oneself in a more perfected state for others to “like” rather than a human state for audiences to relate to and learn from. Through a series of written personal accounts to air on UNO’s college radio station and website MavRadio.FM, the project brings attention to habits of human nature more likely to remain unspoken. The goal is to encourage the sharing of more humanizing stories about flaws and needs, rather than simply the stories of success and perfection. Much of the inspiration for the work came from shared accounts in creative nonfiction courses, discussions of primary documents and the perspectives presented by secondary sources in history courses, and the encouragement to humanize voices in journalism courses. Interested audiences can also listen to the following stories on MavRadio.FM under “Podcasts.”

Signs of Affirmation_Goeser_mixdown.mp3 (12372 kB)
Short audio story of me appreciating words of affirmation through thank you notes while questioning astrology.

Farmer Mentality_Goeser_mixdown.mp3 (12773 kB)
Short audio story of me coming to understand why pet owners need to share their "dead pet" stories.

Paleontology versus Archaeology_Goeser_mixdown.mp3 (11450 kB)
Short audio story of me coming to terms being an adult while guest speaking to third graders.