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This presentation discusses: BIBFRAME is...; BIBFRAME is intended to...; BIBFRAME Development; BIBFRAME Upheavals; RDF Statements, aka Triples; Subject - Predicate - Object; LC Linked Data Service; BIBFRAME 1.0 MODEL; BIBFRAME 2.0 MODEL; BIBFRAME 1.0 Core Classes; BIBFRAME 2.0 Core Classes; Holdings Information in BIBFRAME 1.0; Holdings Information in BIBFRAME 2.0; BIBFRAME 2.0 Key Concepts; Events; AV Modeling Study: Content Data Description Model; Official BIBFRAME Website; Delete your bookmark; Bibframe Lite (Zepheira); Bibframe Lite; Two Editors, Two Different Approaches; BIBFRAME and; Mixing Metadata; BIBFRAME AV Assessment; BIBFRAME 2.0 + + PREMIS +...; BIBFRAME 2.0 is...; and Selected and Condensed Bibliography.


Presented at the NLA/NSLA Annual Conference, Omaha, Nebraska, October 20, 2016.