Kevin Mooney

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Master of Music (MMUS)




It is important for the classical guitar instructor to start beginning guitar students with the proper posture and footstool height when sitting with the guitar. On the average footstool, there are only three or four different heights to be used for all of the different body sizes of guitar students. It is the responsibility of the instructor to know what footstool height will best suit each individual student's body size. Guitar instructors are usually very knowledgeable about their music and instrument, but generally have little knowledge about the anthropometric characteristics of the professional guitarist. It is hoped that with a better understanding of the anthropometric characteristics of different guitarists, the instructor will be better prepared to begin students with a seating position and footstool height that are correct for them.


A Thesis Presented to the Department of Music and the Faculty of the Graduate College University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Music University of Nebraska at Omaha. Copyright 1988 Kevin Mooney.