Space and Defense

Space and Defense


More consideration ought to be accorded “loud” cyber weapons for signaling resolve in 21st century deterrence contests.

“Deterrence is at times a necessary or useful instrument of foreign policy, but the correct and prudent use of deterrence strategy is by no means self-evident or easily determined in all circumstances.”

In their seminal text, Alexander L. George and Richard Smoke thoroughly examined the topic of deterrence, tracing its historical roots and conducting case studies on its use. The product of this intense study was a formula that encapsulates the essence of deterrence theory. “In its simplest form, deterrence is merely a contingent threat: ‘If you do x, I shall do y to you.’ If the opponent expects the costs of y to be greater than the benefits of x, he will refrain from doing [x]; he is deterred.” Since its pronouncement, this formula has been codified in Department of Defense (DoD) doctrine, most recently in the DoD’s “Deterrence Ops Joint Operating Concept” and it’s “Cyber Strategy.”





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