Space and Defense

Space and Defense


The following USAFA cadet Capstone project from spring 2017 won the Best Undergraduate Class Paper Award from the national Political Science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha. The article appears, below, as submitted, with allowances for Space & Defense formatting.

August, 2012- President Obama drew a “Red Line” on chemical weapons use in Syria. Just over a year later, a UN report confirmed Syrian chemical use. Two words, spoken by the most powerful man in the world, generated massive media coverage. Around the world, news outlets and people everywhere looked for Washington’s reaction. Words are powerful because of the narrative they create; framing how people see the world. When a powerful enough frame is used, it sways people’s views of the world, changing policy by extension. The words the President spoke were powerful because they created a frame for the issue of Syria. People the world over recognized the frame, thereby giving it power.





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